Hi! I'm Facu, a self-taught designer based in Buenos Aires.
Currently making cool shit that performs at basement.studio.
Design on-the-go for the product that enables developers to build, preview and ship wonderful things. This is crazy awesome.

From basement.studio we work side by side with Vercel's team delivering websites, illustrations, animations, and any design-related piece.
We make cool shit that performs.

At basement.studio, we work closely with eaech client to deliver the 110% in each project from SAS, Branding, Digital Products, etc.
Brew the perfect pour over coffee cup at home.

As a coffeeholic I made my own mobile app to brew the perfect cup at home, anytime, and everytime.

I’m based in Buenos Aires, Argentina (GMT-3).

I studied Multimedia Design but I consider myself a self-taught designer and photographer who's constantly learning and looking for new experiences to grow both as a professional and as a human being.

My first experience in design was when a teacher offered me a job at a famous television channel here in Argentina while I was studying, where I started working at night for live television and later added animation and design knowledge.

I'm a gamer inside who's obsessed with beautiful products, well-crafted visuals, and who loves coffee, food, and minimalism as well as watching tv-shows or movies in my free time.

Nowadays, I’m working at basement.studio as a UX/UI Designer, while bothering everyone on a daily basis to keep the spirit alive, and organize everything to look amazing everywhere I can.
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